DairyAmerica Members Map California Dairies Inc. Artesia United Dairymen of Arizona California Dairies, Inc. Tipton California Dairies, Inc. Visalia California Dairies, Inc. Fresno California Dairies, Inc. Turlock California Dairies, Inc. Los Banos O-AT-KA Milk Producers, Inc. Agri-Mark, Inc.

DairyAmerica is a federated marketing cooperative association organized for the purposes of marketing dairy products.

Our members are: Agri-Mark, Inc., California Dairies, Inc., O-AT-KA Milk Producers, Inc., and United Dairymen of Arizona. DairyAmerica markets 100% of the milk powder produced by our members. To learn more about our member plants and their capabilities, select from the facility labels in the map above.

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