Low Heat Regular

Skim Milk Powder

Spray dried Skim Milk Powder Low Heat is the powder resulting from the removal of fat and water from fresh milk from cows. The product shall be made from fresh, sweet milk to which no preservative, alkali, neutralizing agent or other chemical has been added and which has been pasteurized. Milk proteins, milk permeate or lactose may be added to standardize protein concentration.

Ingredient and Allergen Statement

Contains milk

Regulatory and Compliance

Codex Standard 207-1999. Product is in strict compliance with Halal.

Sensory Standards

Flavor              Clean, bland, sweet
Odor                Fresh, no off odors
Color               White to light cream
Appearance     Powder, free of lumps


All raw milk used in the manufacture of products has been screened and tested “Not Found” for drug residues according to the FDA Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) – Appendix “N” (latest revision)

Quality Assurance

Products are manufactured under strict quality assurance procedures which are enforced at all times. Manufacturing plants are subject to rules and regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Precautions are taken at all steps during manufacture, storage, and distribution to ensure product quality and food safety.

Labeling and Traceability

All labels contain sufficient detail to provide full product traceability which includes: Single letter dryer identification code, 3 digit julian date (Lot Number), 2 digit year, 2 digit sublot number, 3 digit bag number, heat treatment/product, product silo number, plant identification number, production month (3 letter abbreviation), and packaging time (24 hour clock).

Microbiological Standards

Microbiological Standards Units Maximum Method
Aerobic Plate Count cfu/g <10,000 SMEDP 6.020
Coliforms cfu/g <10 SMEDP 7.020
Yeast and Mold cfu/g <50 SMEDP 8.112
Salmonella   Not Detected FDA-BAM
Coagulase Positive Staphylococcus   Not Detected ISO 6888-3: 2003

Sensory Standards

Chemical-Physical Standards Units Min Max Method
Protein - SNF Basis % 34   Kjeldahl/NIR
Moisture %   4.0 IDF/NIR
Fat %   1.25 IDF/NIR
Titratable Acidity %   0.15 ADPI
WPNI mg 6.0   SMEDP
Scorched Particles mg   15 (B) ADPI/CM-EXP
Solubility Index ml   1.2 ADPI

Storage and Shipping

Product is packaged in poly lined multiwall 25kg (net weight) kraft paper bags without the use of staples or metal fasteners. Skim Milk Powder is Hygroscopic and can absorb odors, therefore adequate protection is necessary. It is recommended that product is stored at 80°F or less, with relative humidity of 65% or less, and in an odor free environment. Stocks should be used in rotation preferably within 24 months of manufacture or as dictated by the expiration date labeled on the product.