Damaged Goods Terms and Conditions

Improper handling of vital information on receiving documents on prepaid and collect loads can limit the liability for loss and damage filed against carriers if the supporting documents are not acknowledged in a timely manner.

The consignee is required to practice the following method for handling damaged goods. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in denial of credit for damaged goods.

Procedure for Prepaid Loads

(Intermodal, truck, container or boxcars)

  • On "Live Unloading" inform the driver and show them where the damaged product is in the equipment.
  • Document the quantity of damage involved on the bill of lading.
  • Have the driver sign the bill of lading acknowledging the damage.
  • Notify your DairyAmerica representative as soon as possible, and fax them the required documents.
  • A photograph showing the damage in the equipment will be needed to compare with the photograph that was taken when loaded by shipper.

**If the equipment is dropped off to unload at a later time, notify DairyAmerica as soon as possible. If there is a significant amount of damage, do not move the freight or its contents until an agent or carrier can inspect the damage.

**Damaged goods may have some salvage value. Therefore, do not dispose of any damaged goods without the written consent from DairyAmerica. DairyAmerica will expedite disposition of the damaged goods in a timely manner.

**On railcar shipments: You must notify the delivering carrier. They will either take the information over the phone or send an agent to inspect the damages. This will automatically generate a report that must be presented in filing damage claims.

Procedures for Collect Loads

It is the responsibility of the consignee to contact their carrier of any damages and to file all claims through the carrier's agent.

DairyAmerica, Inc. takes great care in properly loading equipment. Part of our normal procedure is to photograph each piece of equipment to document that proper loading has been performed.

DairyAmerica, Inc. blocks and braces their loads as advised by the major intermodal carriers and railroads.