About Us

Continually pursuing excellence to deliver nutrition globally.

Our Vision

To be the leading U.S. dairy ingredients brand – continually pursuing excellence to deliver nutrition globally.

Our Mission

In an ever-changing world, our strength and purpose is the DairyAmerica brand that we collectively market to develop and maintain global strategic customer partnerships, relationships, and loyalty. Strategically our exceptional team applies insight coupled with operational expertise, speed, and agility to market the quality valued products our members and partners produce.

Our Core Values

Partnership: We foster strong relationships with our Members and Partners, and strive to meet their evolving needs.

Honor: Our history, engagement, and ethics allow us to take pride in our company and the trusted DairyAmerica brand.

Integrity: We are a team who values each other, our affiliates, our partners, and treat our customers with honesty and respect.

Evolution: We constantly adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers, both internal and external.

Passion: We recognize that our diverse and versatile team are empowered to achieve their best.

Where It Began

Established in 1995 by Danish Creamery, Dairymen’s Cooperative Creamery Association, and California Milk Producers, DairyAmerica was created to manage the sales and marketing of Nonfat and Skim Milk Powders.

Headquartered in the Challenge Dairies office in Dublin, California, DairyAmerica launched and was poised to deliver milk powders across the country.

Member Locations

Uniquely positioned on both the Western United States, as well as the East Coast, DairyAmerica is able to supply customers where they are. With direct access to the port cities in California and New York, as well as a direct line to the southern borders of the U.S., DairyAmerica is positioned to get the product you need, fresh, and on time.

DairyAmerica formed in Dublin, CA
Original Members consisted of Challenge Dairy, Danish Creamery, California Milk Producers, and Dairymen’s Cooperative Creamery (Land O’ Lakes, 1998)
Offices move to Fresno, California
California Dairies, Inc., formed
(Merger of Danish Creamery, CMP, and SJVD)
Agrimark Becomes A Member of DairyAmerica Inc.
O-AT-KA Becomes A Member of DairyAmerica Inc.
DairyAmerica becomes a division of California Dairies, Inc.
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DairyAmerica Today

Today, under the leadership of CEO Patti Smith, DairyAmerica is a division of California Dairies, Inc. (CDI). This is our continued progress in strengthening our global competitiveness.

DairyAmerica still continues to market quality milk powders produced by Agri-Mark, Inc. and O-AT-KA Milk Products through marketing agreements.

With sales and distribution of more than 500,000 Metric Tons per year, DairyAmerica is the world’s largest Non-Fat Dry Milk and Skim Milk Powder marketing company.

Supplying products across the globe to more than 50 countries, DairyAmerica is the largest Skim Milk Powder supplier in the world.